Thursday, April 22, 2010

List 1: Way to Make Money to Save Up For Mica

I'm starting the 100 Lists challenge. I was inspired by Angela, plus I just enjoy making lists.
I rreeaallllyyy need to get back to Mica. I only have 3 semesters left and I'll have a BFA in photography and an art history minor.

Ways to Make Money to Get Back to Mica
1. Make and sell texture sets
2. Make more items for etsy
3. Do more freelance work
4. Find new and better job(s)
5. Take donations
6. Babysit
7. Sell produce from the garden
8. Sell my eggs
9. Become a drug dealer
10. Go swimming in fountains and wishing wells
11. Buy alcohol and cigarettes for minors
12. Sell Mary Kay
13. Become a tasteful treasures representative
14. Sell everything I own
15. Whore out my boyfriend

Any more suggestions? I'm actually only serious about a few of these on my list, but I just felt like being witty and clever.

1 comment:

KALIN said...

I went to Art School, I think dealing drugs is your most likely bet ;)